Research Interest Groups (RIGs)

RIGs connect multidisciplinary investigators and scientists to national funding agency opportunities for developing large-scale proposals.

Strategic Proposal Development Service (SPDS)

Proposal management, narrative development budgets, biosketches, editing, graphic design, evaluation plans and more for large, complex proposals.

Grant fact sheet

Required information for grant proposals, including contact information, business officers, tax exempt status, legislative districts, facilities and administrative rates, and more.

Research Development Network

Tap into a network of research development professionals with a broad range of educational backgrounds, technical expertise and agency-specific knowledge to improve the quality of your proposal development activities.

Multidisciplinary, collaborative proposals are more likely to be funded at the national level. We provide resources to support the development of these large-scale proposals.

Remember that approvals and requirements for human or animal subject use should be considered while developing a proposal regardless of funding source.

Strategic Proposal Development Service (SPDS)

Providing support for large, complex and strategically important grant proposals. Our services are coordinated with academic units and departments and are intended to be supplementary and complementary. Priority funding agencies include Department of Defense (DoD), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF).  Services include proposal management, narrative development, budgets, biosketches, editing support, graphic design, evaluation plans and more. Request service.

Research Interest Groups (RIGs)

RIGs are a grassroots effort by MU faculty to bring together multidisciplinary investigators and scientists to increase success through team building and collaborations. The goal of the RIGs is to connect collaborators with specific funding opportunities and to develop large-scale, competitive research proposals to submit to national funding agencies. To join a RIG, search the database containing descriptions and contact information.

Online Collaborative Resources

The University of Missouri System has developed a public-facing website for identifying collaborators. The Academic Analytics website, called UM Scholars, allows researchers to search systemwide by name or research topic.

Proposal pre-submission internal review and pitch sessions

Collaborative critiques of grant project narratives, descriptions and research strategies are key to creating strong grant proposal submissions. A reviewer’s perspective can help enhance a proposal and increase the likelihood of it being funded. Email us for more information.

Research Development Network (RDN)

The RDN includes professionals in various divisions, departments and units across campus. RDN professionals assist in finding funding opportunities, budget and proposal development and project management once the grant is funded.

Human subjects research

  • Determine whether your research requires IRB (Institutional Review Board) review and approval using our decision chart or reviewing our IRB submission and review process

  • Submit a request for MU to be the IRB of Record or an Initial Reliance Request. 

Animal research

  • The Office of Animal Resources is available for consultation on model development and to provide input for proposals.

  • Determine whether your research requires ACUC (Animal Care and Use Committee) review and approval. 

  • Animal research per diem rates.

  • Grants and contracts information frequently requested by funding agencies:

    • Animal Welfare/PHS Assurance No. D16-00249

    • USDA Registration No. 43R0048

    • AAALAC Unit No. 487

    • Most recent AAALAC site visit date: 3/8/21

    • Most recent AAALAC accreditation date: 6/23/21

    • Initial AAALAC accreditation date: 5/23/79

  • Researcher Login - for policies, forms, guidelines and more.

Need to show how your research benefits society?

MU’s Office of Technology Advancement can help you craft an intellectual property strategy and suggest other commercialization information for your proposal.

Are you applying for corporate funding?

The Industry Partnerships team can help you navigate the expectations of corporate funders for a stronger proposal.

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations also can help you explore opportunities.




Basic Internal Budget (Excel document)

NIH Mod Internal Budget (Excel document)

USDA Internal Budget (Excel document)

Sample School of Medicine Research Proposal Questionnaire (PDF)

Sample Journalism PSRS General Questionnaire (PDF)

Master Sponsored Project Agreement

Standard Sponsored Project Agreement

Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement

Outgoing Material Transfer Agreement

Learn about confidentiality, data use and material transfer agreements.

Human Subjects Research

Animal Research

Review instructions for starting an animal protocol.

Researchers can log in to access animal use policies, guidelines and care information.


Access all areas of compliance including Animal and Human Subjects research, Conflict of Interest, Export Controls, Institutional Biosafety Committee, Travel Authorizations and more.

Learn about MU inventor rights and responsibilities

As a general rule, MU owns inventions made by its employees. See University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 100.020.

Self-paced professional development resources

More professional development resources

Need an innovation strategy for your proposal?

The National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (I-Corps) provides researchers with insights that reduce the time and risk associated with translating ideas from laboratory to marketplace.

Additional resources

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