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George Smith Curators' Professor Emeritus Wins Share of 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The Royal Swedish Academy cited MU's George P. Smith for his development of the phage display, a tool that has allowed scientists worldwide to "evolve" new proteins.


MU reactor core MURR to Supply Radioisotope for Newly Approved Cancer Therapy

MU's Research Reactor center will supply lutetium-177 for the production of Lutathera®, a drug that has shown promise in treating certain gastrointestinal and pancreatic tumors.

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Administrators Talk Research: Notes from Recent CRA Presentations

PowerPoints from MU's Council of Research Administrators/Center Directors highlight the people and programs that move science and scholarship forward.

'Pivot' at Mizzou

Learn more about Pivot, a comprehensive database of grant, award, fellowship and other funding opportunities covering all disciplines.