Research-Related Updates Regarding COVID-19

MU officials continue to closely monitor the novel coronavirus outbreak. Please refer to the Show Me Renewal and MU Alert websites for the latest updates and information. Information for research and creative arts spaces can be found at ORED’s restart page.

As of Aug. 6, faculty or staff are no longer required to complete the Return to Work Authorization Form. However, for undergraduate, graduate and professional students participating in research or creative activities — either as paid staff or in education roles — the form is still a prerequisite to return to research or creative activities on campus.

Safety is our number one priority at MU. If you have concerns about safety in research labs or creative spaces, we ask that you complete the Health and Safety Concerns compliance tool to alert campus of these concerns.

Research News


Screenshot from UM Scholars dashboard websiteOnline Collaborative Resources

The University of Missouri System has a unique and important role in providing teaching, research, service and economic development to the state and has developed a public-facing website for identifying collaborators both at Mizzou and throughout the System. This Academic Analytics website called UM Scholars, allows researchers to search systemwide by name or research topic.


Photo of Yves ChabuKilling Cancer by Unleashing the Body’s Own Immune Systems

The body’s immune system is the first line of defense against infections like bacteria, viruses or cancers. However, some cancers have developed the art of molecular deception to avoid destruction by the body’s immune system. Now, Yves Chabu, assistant professor of biological sciences, and his team might have found a new way to help the body’s immune system get past that deception and destroy the cancer.



ORED invests in our faculty’s success through ResearchFRST.  The program offers resources, support and training that enable professional development, large interdisciplinary project grant support and research collaboration development.

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Early Career Research Development Fellows Program & Mid-Career Research Development Fellows Program

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