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David Gozal, MD, MBA, chair of the Department of Child Health at MUMU’s Gozal Named World’s Top Researcher for Sleep Apnea Syndrome

Department of Child Health Chairman David Gozal explores relationships between sleep disorders and neurobehavioral, cardiovascular and metabolic disease in children.


MU reactor core MURR Begins Shipping Iodine-131, Radioisotope Crucial for Thyroid Cancer Therapy

Milestone shipment makes MURR the only domestic supplier of I‑131, the first U.S. supplier since the 1980s.

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Administrators Talk Research: Notes from Recent CRA Presentations

PowerPoints from MU's Council of Research Administrators/Center Directors highlight the people and programs that move science and scholarship forward.

'Pivot' at Mizzou

Learn more about Pivot, a comprehensive database of grant, award, fellowship and other funding opportunities covering all disciplines.