Research Roadmap

Resources and guidance based on your current research phase.

Compliance & Regulatory Information

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Support for large, complex and strategically important grant proposals in coordination with units and departments.

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Understand sponsor priorities and trends to develop successful proposals and find tools for monitoring productivity and complying with reporting requirements.

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Seminars, workshops and programs to address every step of the research roadmap, including finding funding, mentoring, proposal development and Broader Impacts.

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Services to develop a strong research impact plan highlighting your strengths and meeting the requirements of your funding agency.

Technology Advancement

Intellectual Property, Inventions & Startups

Research often leads to new tools, therapeutics, diagnostics and other innovations that can improve lives. Get guidance on managing intellectual property, faculty startups and other aspects of the commercialization process.

Protect & Advance Your Innovations
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Stay connected

Get the latest news about funding opportunities, professional development, research news, accolades and important deadlines.