The MU Research Development Network (RDN) includes MU professionals who:

  • Identify funding opportunities.
  • Provide grant and contract proposal development.
  • Manage research projects.

The RDN meets monthly to share resources and information and to foster interdisciplinary collaborations across campus. Contact your RDN representative for more information or for assistance developing your project.

Affiliation Name Phone Email
Bond Life Sciences Center Julia Rodriguez 573-884-1783
Bond Life Sciences Center Steve Friedman 573-884-1784
College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Angela Hake 573-882-0983
College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Sheryl Koenig 573-884-0282
College of Arts & Science Kate Neckermann 573-884-8887
College of Education & Human Development Lori Bemis 573-884-6060
College of Education & Human Development Joann Bryant 573-882-5613
College of Education & Human Development Meredith Deatz 573-882-2356
College of Engineering Shelley Hilton 573-882-8732
College of Veterinary Medicine Sherri Oliver 573-882-2081
Graduate School Elizabeth (Liz) Bent 573-239-4804
Missouri Prevention Science Institute Judy Healy-Mendez 573-882-8531
MU Extension Alysha Stelling 573-882-7146
NextGen Precision Health Charlene Emerson, Vice Chair 573-882-1464
NextGen Precision Health Holly Young 573-882-5228
School of Health Professions Mary Clark 573-884-1439
School of Health Professions Andrea Lawless 573-882-6546
School of Journalism Alysia Beaudoin 573-882-0424
School of Medicine, Department of Medicine Jamie Szabo 573-884-2194
School of Medicine, Department of Surgery

Nancy Walker, Chair

School of Medicine, Office of Medical Research Martha Brendel 573-882-2463
School of Nursing Cynthia Haydon 573-882-0913
As part of the RDN, the Strategic Proposal Development Service (SPDS) provides supplementary and complementary support for large, complex and strategically important grants. Priority funding agencies include the Department of Defense (DoD), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF).
Call 573-882-2270 or email a team member below.
Sr. Grants and Contracts Specialist Debbie Blaisdell
Proposal Manager Kimberly Duncan

Proposal Development Lead Megan Jahnsen
Sr. Grants and Contracts Specialist Zachary Johnson
Proposal Illustrator Samantha Peters
Director, SPDS Sarah Polasky
Proposal Development Lead Jeni Reininga
Proposal Manager Katie Rieger
Proposal Development Lead Julie Svetlik
Proposal Manager Gabrielle Trippe


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Email: Phone: 573-882-7560