Animal Research

Information on protocol application, veterinary care and facilities oversight, procurement and export, training and resources to ensure animal research is conducted safely and humanely.

Human Subjects Research

Information on Institutional Review Board (IRB) policies, procedures, resources and training to protect the rights and welfare of human research participants.

Conflict of interest

We provide conflict of interest training, support and guidance to faculty, staff and students. See university policies and guidelines.

Human subjects research

Access templates available for use in your research.

Animal research

Researchers can log in to find animal research services and care information.

Export controls

If your project does not meet exclusions, you'll work with us to identify and implement necessary safeguarding as required by the project sponsor. Documentation will include safeguarding steps required by the project sponsor and the process by which the research team will maintain this safeguarding. Some controls may include attending training. 

Learn quick facts about export controls and how it can affect your research.

International activity

MU researchers with foreign relationships and activities should educate themselves with this guidance and information.

Advanced technology core facilities

Schedule time to utilize advanced technology core equipment. 

The Connector (broader impacts)

A partnership between Research, Innovation and Impact and MU Extension, The Connector provides research and professional development opportunities, engagement resources and programming to help researchers share the benefits of their research with Missouri citizens.

Research leading to innovation

Contact MU’s Office of Technology Advancement to see if your research could lead to innovations of interest to companies. We can help you

  • Refine your research direction by providing patentability feedback.
  • Disclose an invention.
  • Connect with potential investors, licensing partners and mentors.
  • Help you find resources to advance early-stage innovations, such as translational research programs, business accelerators and small business funding.
  • Develop a company around an idea and connect with a mentor.

Take advantage of Mizzou Lab 2 Market, a network of contacts, programs and services available to investigators navigating the multifaceted commercialization process. 

Are you conducting industry-sponsored research?

Work with the Industry Partnerships team to meet the expectations of corporate funders and navigate their requests and requirements. 

Sponsored programs forms

Sponsored programs policies

Human subjects research

Animal research

Review instructions for starting an animal protocol.

Researchers can log in to access animal use policies, guidelines and care information.

Log into eCompliance

Learn about MU inventor rights and responsibilities.

As a general rule, MU owns inventions made by its employees. See University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 100.020

Share research with an outside collaborator.

Self-paced professional development resources

More professional development resources

Interested in learning how to translate an idea from lab to market?

The National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (I-Corps) provides training in starting a business, customer discovery, industrial processes and other areas for researchers interested in commercializing their innovations.



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