A publication record is an important measure of recognizing the impact of the ALMC to campus research. We request that core users consider acknowledging core services and expertise in their publications.

The following are suggested examples

“Light microscopy images were acquired at the University of Missouri Advanced Light Microscopy Core facility.”

“Confocal images were acquired at the University of Missouri Advanced Light Microscopy Core facility.”

“Tissue samples were sectioned at the University of Missouri Advanced Light Microscopy Core facility.”

Please consider authorship when ALMC staff members contribute substantially to the success of your project and thus to your publication content. The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) has published authorship guidelines for use when considering the inclusion of core laboratory members on publications as an author.

Publications that include data acquired at the Advanced Light Microscopy Core

As a courtesy, please notify ALMC staff when you publish a paper containing data gathered or analyzed at our facility.

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