Microbiology core equipment

The Laboratory for Infectious Disease Research (LIDR) has more than 10,000 square feet of state-of-the-art laboratory space available for scientists and collaborators for the performance of molecular biology, cell biology and microbiology research under BSL-2 and BSL-3 conditions.


  • Cell- and tissue-culture specific incubators and dedicated biosafety cabinets in specific BSL-3 laboratories.
  • Imaging capabilities for bright-field and fluorescence microscopy in specific BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories
  • Micro centrifuges, hanging bucket and fixed angle centrifuges in all BSL-3 laboratories and Ultracentrifuges in specific BSL-3 laboratories
  • Thermo cyclers, electroporation units and spectrophotometers in specific BSL-3 laboratories
  • Real time quantitative PCR equipment in specific BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratory
  • Vector transmission study laboratory at BSL-2 and BSL-3

Please contact us at lidr@missouri.edu for additional information.

LIDR microbiology core workstations
LIDR microbiology core equipment
Photo of microbiology equipment