Rates are for University of Missouri users. External users should contact Associate Director Brian Mooney.

Protein Identification 

Service Cost
Gel band or spot (coomassie-stained) $188 (digest + QTOF/Orbitrap LC-MS/MS)
20 bands/spots by LCMS/MS $2,810 (includes spot excision)
1 band/spot client-processed (with Center reagents) $94.75 (Digest + LC-MS/MS)
Protein in solution (e.g. recombinant protein or complex lysate) $174 (digest + large-format ZIP tip + LTQ Orbitrap LC-MS/MS)

Note: this does not include determination of protein concentration (add $25 for this service)


High-Coverage Global Proteomics
Bruker timsTOF-PRO with PASEF1

Service Cost
Differential Protein Abundance analyses of a Biological Quintuplet2 $2,836 (Identification and Quantitation of >2000 proteins) 

Note 1: Parallel Accumulation-Serial Fragmentation (PASEF): Multiplying Sequencing Speed and Sensitivity by Synchronized Scans in a Trapped Ion Mobility Device. Florian Meier, Scarlet Beck, Niklas Grassl, Markus Lubeck, Melvin A. Park, Oliver Raether, and Matthias Mann. J. Proteome Res., 2015, 14 (12), pp 5378–5387 

Note 2: includes protein extraction from 10 tissue samples (5 control, 5 treated), protein quantitation and trypsin digestion, peptide purification using ZIP tips, 90min LCMS+MS/MS gradient on Bruker timsTOF-PRO, and quantitative data analyses using PEAKS software.

Client processed Biological Quintuplet


Note 3: Center provides reagents for protein extraction, quantitation, and trypsin digestion.  Client performs all sample processing and provides purified (C18 tip processed) peptides. Center acquires data on timsTOF-PRO. Client completes all the data analyses (following training).