Fee schedules have been determined based upon consumable and labor costs. Fees are negotiable for large projects and for experienced users capable of using instrumentation without guidance. Any fee discount must be discussed with the associate director prior to initiation of the project. Under no circumstances are fee schedules to be negotiated with the staff. Each sample (set of samples) must be accompanied by a signed submission form including a valid MOCode.


University of Missouri user rates: Visit our typical costs page to determine cumulative pricing for experiments. We also have a detailed fee schedule

External academic user rates: Review our detailed fee schedule.


Same sample analyses are discounted 60%.

Repeats of analyses due to technical/equipment errors associated with processing are discounted 80%.

"Aesthetic" repeats are charged at full price.

Gel pickup

Please arrange to pick up your gels as soon as possible.

We will hold gels for a maximum of 10 business days, after which we will not be held responsible and a holding fee will be incurred. 

For large-format gels we recommend staining/storage in stackable food storage trays, Daigger Catalog number EFRCP124PCLE ($6.32 each). 


Please acknowledge The Proteomics Center in any publication resulting from our services. 

For example, "The authors acknowledge The Proteomics Center at the University of Missouri-Columbia for gel electrophoresis (or mass spectrometry) services."

While we welcome authorship on posters and manuscripts, we can only accept such authorship following detailed review of the presentation/publication by each of those members of staff included as authors. As a professional courtesy, please allow adequate time for our staff to review the material in question prior to presentation or submission.