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The minimum service fee is for 1 hour and then prorated on 15-minute intervals thereafter.

Cognitive Neuroscience Systems service fees
Service UM Hourly Rate1, 2
Normal Rate
UM Hourly Rate1, 2
Pilot Rate
Industry Hourly Rate
Full Rate
MRI $550 $350 $1000
TMS + Neuronavigation $100 $50 $150
Biopac $50 $25 $75
Behavioral testing room $50 $25 $75
High-density EEG (HD-EEG) & Eye Tracking $100 $60 $150


1 Reduced rates are available for pilot studies to support grant proposals. Rates available for a limited number of sessions and subject to review by CNS staff.

2 CNS affiliated faculty are provided with 1 free session per week to support grant proposals, subject to availability.