Scans of brain

Magnetic resonance imaging

The CNS houses a research dedicated Siemens 3T PRISMA Fit MRI scanner that is covered by a master research agreement with Siemens Medical. The MRI suite also contains a mock scanner and a subject interview and changing room.

Available coils: 20, 32 and 64-channel head coils; body 60 coil.

MRI-compatible Equipment: MR-compatible BIOPAC for continuous measurement of ECG, Pulse Oximetry and respiration during neuroimaging and in communication with stimulus presentation software. Visual stimuli are displayed via computer projector (Avotec SV6-6) and on a screen within the scanner bore. Audio stimuli are presented using MR-compatible headphones (Optoacoustics OptoActive-II). Stimuli may be presented using E-Prime (2.0 or 3.0), Presentation or Matlab. Subject responses may be obtained from either BrainLogics Button Response System or Current Design Pyka 8 Button Bimanual response system.


  • NIH/NSF/MU rate: $550/hour
  • Industry rate: $1,000

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) suite

The CNS houses a complete suite of equipment required for neuronavigation-guided TMS research. The equipment is located in laboratory space that allows for comprehensive neurocognitive testing within the same room—and only down the hall (< 1 min. walk) from the MRI scanner suite. Equipment includes: Magventure MagPro X100 (MagVenture Inc, USA distributor: Atlanta, GA). The MagPro X100 has 3 waveforms: Biphasic, Biphasic Burst and Monophasic, selectable current direction, stimulation rates up to 100 pulses per second and connects to external equipment via programmable input/output triggers (e.g. Brainsight, Rogue Research Inc©). It has a Cool B65 A/P coil, active integrated sham system and an external cooling system supporting Theta Burst Stimulation. Brainsight 2 Neuronavigation system (Rogue Research Inc, Montreal, Quebec). The system includes the Brainsight software license (2.2.7), hardware (TMS chair, 27” Apple iMAC on Wheels, Interface Box, Polaris tracker and foot pod) necessary for neuronavigation. The Brainsight receives TTL pulses from the Magventure system, time stamping coordinates for each pulse delivered.


  • NIH/NSF/MU rate: $100/hr
  • Industry rate: $150/hr

Psychophysiological recordings

The CNS facility houses a psychophysiology suite including an infrared eye tracking system, BIOPAC systems equipped with heart-rate and respiratory amps and computer systems for stimulus presentation and electronic questionnaire administration.


  • NIH/NSF/MU rate: $50/hr
  • Industry rate: $75/hr

Cognitive / behavioral testing

  • Testing computers: Each of 5 testing rooms are ventilated (to support research where salient odors may be present e.g. meals, smoking) and equipped with network attached desktop computers running Win 10 and supports E-Prime, other cognitive testing software platforms and Redcap survey administration.


  • NIH/NSF/MU rate: $50/hr
  • Industry rate: $75/hr

High-Density EEG (HD-EEG) & Eye Tracking Suite

The CNS Core facility has one room dedicated for HD-EEG recording via the MagStimEGI Geodesic EEG System (GES) 400 (wall-mounted 256-channel articulated arm and Net Amps 400 amplifier, hospital-grade isolation transformer), a Geodesic Photogrammetry System 3 (GPS 3; geodesic dome of 11 cameras mounted on a gantry, calibration object), and a  27’’ Apple iMac Computer with Net Station software for EEG recording, GPS software for subject-specific EEG sensor digitization, and GeoSource software for electrical source imaging. Three 256-channel sponge-based HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Nets are available in small, medium, and large adult sizes. Other computer systems in the room allow for millisecond-accurate audiovisual stimulus presentation and behavioral response recording during HD-EEG recording. EEG recording consumables are always fully stocked (e.g., buckets, electrolyte solution, disinfectant solution, pipettes). An EyeLink 1000 Plus eye tracking system is installed in the suite. The EyeLink 1000 Plus system is capable of tracking at up to 2000Hz, binocularly or monocularly, in the head stabilized mode; up to 1000Hz in remote mode.  Experiment Builder and Data Viewer software licenses are maintained by the CNS and software is available for use by investigators. Of note, Experiment Builder include native capabilities for synchronizing with the EEG system. Adjacent to this suite is a private restroom with a shower stall and a deep sink for equipment/hair washing.


  • NIH/NSF/MU rate: $100/hour
  • Industry rate: $150/hour

Handheld Devices & Biospecimen Storage

  • Smoking research equipment: 3 pocket CReSS smoke delivery devices to measure and quantify smoking topography, and 4 Bedfont piCO Breath CO monitoring devices.
  • Biological specimens: Biological specimens (blood, urine, saliva) may be collected on-site and temporarily stored in a -80° freezer until transportation to permanent storage.


  • NIH/NSF/MU rate: $15/session
  • Industry rate: $50/session

Additional services

  • Data collection in laboratory: Trained research staff are available to collect data for a study protocol. Cost to be determined on a protocol basis.
  • Computer programming and paradigm development: Staff are available upon request for computer programming and paradigm development. Cost to be determined on a protocol basis.

Inquiries may be directed to Dr. Brett Froeliger at