The CNS Core Facility, established in 2020, is located on the University of Missouri-Columbia Campus.

Providing state-of-art instrumentation and laboratory space for conducting translational cognitive neuroscience research.

COVID-19 Mitigation Policy

Please read our modified operating procedures during the COVID-19 Pandemic and be prepared to complete the CNS COVID Screening form prior to each session conducted at the CNS Core Facility. 

Our services and facilities

The Cognitive Neuroscience Systems (CNS) Core provides laboratory space and instrumentation required for conducting translational cognitive neuroscience research. The goal of the CNS core is to support investigators that seek to advance our understanding of basic brain processes, neuropathophysiological conditions and evaluate the efficacy of novel treatments for improving human health and well-being. We provide user training on experimental design, data collection and analysis.

The CNS houses a research-dedicate Siemens 3T PRISMA Fit MRI scanner with a Mock Scanner as well as a subject interview and changing room. The CNS facility includes a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) suite with equipment required for neuronavigation-guided TMS research, and we have the ability to conduct psychophysiological recordings through BIOPAC systems. CNS houses six experimental testing rooms for cognitive / behavioral experiments and our ancillary equipment includes facilities and equipment for smoking research, clinical rooms for biological specimen collections, a centrifuge and a -80 degree freezer.

More about our equipment and services

Dr. Brett Froeliger
15 Melvin H. Marx Building, 1416 Carrie Francke Drive