The Certificate Series for Specialized Grants Training is designed to enhance overall technical expertise in sponsored projects administration for UM System staff. Courses cover key topics using a combination of teaching methods including lectures, case studies and hands-on computer training. Roles and responsibilities of project personnel, department research administrators and Sponsored Programs Administration staff are described throughout each course.

You will be awarded a certificate upon completion of each track and all sessions are free to attend.

Getting started

For full course descriptions and to register, log into the Grants Training Registration App with your university credentials.

Series tracks

The certificate series follows three tracks:

  1. Pre-award track — leads you through the pre-award process from proposal development to establishment of an award.
    1. Proposal Development and Submission
    2. Peoplesoft Grants Module and the Electronic Proposal Signature Routing Sheet (ePSRS)
    3. Budget Development
    4. Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Rate
    5. Notice of Grant Award (NGA), Acceptance and Establishment of an Award
  2. Post-award track – provides training in financial reports, queries and audits.
    1. Peoplesoft Grants Module Financial Reports and Queries
    2. Allowability
    3. Management of Award
    4. Subawards and Consulting Agreements
    5. Cost Sharing
    6. Effort Verification Reporting (EVR), Cost Transfers and Payroll Correcting Entries (PCE)
    7. Closeout of Award and Disposition of Equipment
  3. Clinical trials and non-financial agreements track – provides training in non-funded agreements, clinical trials pre-award study startup and clinical trials post-award study management.
    1. Non-funded Agreements (NDA/MTA/DTUA)
    2. Clinical Trials Pre-Award (Study Startup)
    3. Clinical Trials Post-Award (Managing the Study)
  4. Regulatory track — offers an overview of key compliance topics related to research with presentations from compliance officers and directors from across MU’s division of Research, Innovation & Impact.
    1. Research Compliance and Ethical Responsibility
    2. Conflict of Interest
    3. Export Controls
    4. Human Subjects Research and the Institutional Review Board (IRB)
    5. Animal Use in Research and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC)
    6. Research Strategic Initiatives and Ongoing Priorities


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