Post-COVID EMC Policies:

  • Masks must be worn at all times

  • No more than two masked people per room

  • Attempt to maintain social distancing at all times

  • Wipe down high touch surfaces

Retraining required:

  • Even if you were independent prior to COVID, we request that you become retrained

  • Our billing/reservation system (FOM) deactivates your account within 1 year of inactivity

    • Do NOT re-register as a new user

    • Contact EMC staff for training upon which your independence will be reinstated.

Zoom-capable microscopes

  • Due to our restricted people per room, a nice feature we have figured out is “Microscope-Zoom sessions”

  • During your scheduled use, you can have your fellow scientist join remotely on the imaging session to see the microscope interface visualizing samples together.

  • This feature has become very popular and investigators learn much more about their samples by being present while the data is collected.

  • Ask your favorite staff member how to enable a “microscope zoom session” for your colleagues to watch!

General Policies

  • Clean up work areas and discard/return all used items properly before leaving our facility!

  • Do not plug any of your own storage devices into our electron microscope computers! Instead, copy your data to the shared network drive and access it through the network.

  • Long term storage of data (30 days maximum) and samples that are left at the EMC is not guaranteed.

  • Immediately notify a staff member if you experience problems while operating any of our instruments!

  • Registration as an EMC user is required to book EMC services and instrumentation.


Please remember to acknowledge the EMC in your publications. Thank you! We would appreciate if you let us know when data from the EMC is used in your publication.


  • Before submitting samples read our sample submission info and discuss your project with a staff member.

  • Charges applied to a MoCode require a signature and date on our EMC submission form.

  • If submitting biological samples, it is required to fill out and return a Bio-Safety questionnaire.


New users are required to register through our Facility Online Manager (FOM). Registered users may sign in to FOM to request our services, or book our instrumentation via the online calendar. See the description below or download this “Help Doc” to get started and ask our staff for further information. Please make sure you read and follow our policies.

How to register as an EMC User

  1. Go to the EMCore Facility Online Manager©.

  2. Click on “Click here if you do not have a single sign on ID”.

  3. Click on “I am a new user”.

  4. Select “Internal User“, and enter your information.

    • USERNAME/password = pawprint/password

    • If department/supervisor isn’t listed, please send an email to Xiaoqing He via the system.

  5. When it requests “Account  Number”, please enter the MoCode you wish to use. Descriptive name can be a nickname you give to that MoCode, which you will see when reserving appointments (alternatively, you can just list the MoCode again). If you have an external billing account please contact Xiaoqing He.

  6. Registration is complete. EMC staff will respond to your request.

How to reserve instrument time through FOM Networks

  1. Once you are approved, as a registered user you will be able to reserve instrument time.

  2. Go to the EMCore Facility Online Manager©.

  3. Click on “Click here to login with Missouri single sign on ID.”

  4. Enter your information.

    • USERNAME/password = pawprint/password

  5. Select the instrument time you wish to reserve (Note: Only instruments you have access to will be listed).

  6. Select Instrument to see appointment calendar and click the date/time you’d like to reserve.

  7. Select the following and Click “Reserve.”

    • MoCode that you wish the charges to be billed to

    • Reservation time start and end

    • Additional microscope components needed

    • Manager assistance (in case you need staff assistance with imaging or sample preparation)

  8. Your appointment should be reflected on the calendar.

  9. When you arrive at the EMC, log into FOM to activate your session.

  10. When you are finished, log off FOM; FOM will automatically log you off once your reserved time is expired.

How to check your EMC usage fees

You can view your EMC usage fees by generating a user report in FOM, see How to Check My EMC Usage (PDF).