Introduction to Nextflow

11/18/2021 | Outreach Training Workshops 

Come join BAC computational biologist Dr. Kyle Stiers as he presents to the Dataphiles group on Friday 11/19/2021 on “Getting started with Nextflow," the domain specific language for building data-driven pipelines. This presentation covers a brief introduction to syntax and structure of the language with some examples of production usage.”

Graphic says "Building Bioinformatics Pipelines with nexiflow


MU Bioinformatics and Analytics has a new Listserv

11/11/2021 | Important Services 

BAC has a new Listserv that we will be working on in the coming weeks to broadly communicate with researchers and clients. If you want to stay up-to-date on what is going on with the core, take a few minutes and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any announcements. 

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Technique connects DNA instructions to biological architecture in space: Core collaboration maps the future

11/10/2021 | Press 

Collaborative work on a cutting edge method using Visium Spatial Transcriptomics between the MU Genomics TechnologyAdvanced Light Microscopy and BAC was highlighted in a recent press article in Decoding Science.

An out-of-focused researcher holds up a blank microscopic slide.


Bioinformatics and Analytics – full service: from design to discovery

10/27/2021 | Outreach Presentations Training 

BAC director Dr. Lyndon Coghill recently gave a talk to the Bioinformatics in Plant Sciences undergraduate group about what bioinformatics is, where the future of bioinformatics research is trending, and what career tracks in bioinformatics look like. 

Image states that BAC director Dr. Lyndon Coghill recently gave a talk to the Bioinformatics in Plant Sciences undergraduate group.


Paper: Monocarboxylate Transporter-2 Expression Restricts Tumor Growth in a Murine Model of Lung Cancer: A Multi-Omic Analysis

09/30/2021 | Papers Sci-Com

A new paper including Drs Coghill and Raju from Bioinformatics and Analytics as co-authors looks at a multi-Omic approach to exploring the role for MCT2 in the host response to TC1 lung carcinoma that involve alterations in the gut and systemic metabolome, along with TAM-related metabolic pathway.

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