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The University of Missouri Metabolomics Center (MUMC) provides both targeted and non-targeted small molecule/metabolite profiling.

University of Missouri Metabolomics Center (MUMC) Brochure

Routine services

  • GC-MS-based primary metabolite profiling (for both polar and nonpolar metabolite), lignin content and composition analysis, cuticle wax analysis, plant volatile analysis and oil analysis.
  • UHPLC-MS-based specialized/secondary metabolite profiling, tandem mass spectrometry, accurate mass determination, and plant hormone analysis.

MUMC personnel also provide standard and optional data processing. Data processing includes three levels, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.

  • Tier 1 includes conversion of proprietary instrument raw data into a standardized net.cdf format.
  • Tier 2 includes Tier1 plus deconvolution, peak detection, alignment, integration and export of output results into a csv format.
  • Tier 3 includes Tier2 plus normalization, outlier detection, PCA, ANOVA, OPLS-DA, t-test, fold change, figures and tentative metabolite annotation.

Tier 1 is included in the Metabolomics Center routine service. Upon request, the center staff may perform Tier 2 or Tier 3 data processing at an additional cost in addition to the instrumental analysis charges (ie, routine service). AMDIS or XCMS is used in data processing, depending on the instrument platform.

The MUMC will consider special requests for targeted or non-targeted requests. However, there will development fees for new methods. For special needs, please contact MUMC or the Sumner Metabolomics research group. 


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User training

The MUMC hosts an annual metabolomics workshop to provide user training to those who are interested in incorporating metabolomics into their research. The training covers sample preparation, data processing and analysis. Personalized training is also available. Training includes metabolite extraction, subsequent derivatization for GCMS, and basic data processing.

MUMC User's Guide