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The mission of the University of Missouri Metabolomics Center (MUMC) is to provide advanced, cutting-edge metabolomics capabilities and expertise to both the MU community and outside entities. We strive to provide advanced instrumentation and quality service, and to promote collaborations with those researchers in plant, animal and medical sciences who seek academic inputs from the metabolomics research group.

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MU Metabolomics Workshop Aug. 15-19, 2022

Registration is now open for annual, in-person, hands-on Metabolomics Workshop.

Learn how to measure and process metabolic profiles of your samples using high resolution chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry in this five-day workshop. This will include hands-on sample preparation, derivatization, data acquisition and data analysis. The workshop will take place Monday through Friday in the Bond Life Sciences Center. On Friday, we will invite participants to present their current or proposed metabolomics research.

The workshop's cost is $449 for University of Missouri participants, $595 for non-MU academic institution participants and $1,299 for industrial participants.

Fees include costs for three samples supplied by the MU Metabolomics Center; users can bring their own additional samples at additional costs.

Hosted by Drs. Zhentian Lei, Barbara Sumner and Lloyd W. Sumner.

Contact Dr. Barbara Sumner to register or for additional details.

Space is limited, so reserve your space now.


Dr. Lloyd W. Sumner
243 Bond Life Sciences Center