This document contains information regarding the facility, contact information, requesting services, protocol amendments, animal transfers, scheduling and other important information. This information will help guide researchers through the proper procedures for obtaining approval for and utilizing our services.

The Small Animal Phenotyping Core (SAPC) is a fee-for-service core facility located in corridor C102A of the Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center (Dalton). Please don’t forget to budget for its use when submitting grants.

Requesting services

Each investigator is required to complete an SAPC Service Request Form.Once approved, an email will be sent stating that the request has been approved and will initiate the steps necessary to use the core.


Principal investigators will need to submit a new protocol or amend their current protocol to include all experimental procedures and personnel that will perform the procedures. Also include room number(s) where the procedure will be performed. SAPC animal use protocols have been established to simplify the amendment process.


Training will be provided to investigators or lab personnel on the use of the Visualsonics Ultrasound, Perkin Elmer Imaging (IVIS), DSI Telemetry, Coda tail cuff, PromethION metabolic cage and ANY-maze systems as well as the anesthesia units. Once the SAPC personnel are satisfied with the training, the principal investigator or designated lab personnel will be allowed to utilize the equipment on their own.

If there is a question or problem with the equipment, please alert the SAPC personnel immediately. We will troubleshoot any problems, call the vendor for assistance or order any parts necessary to bring the equipment back online. 


Access to the phenotype systems and resources is managed via a combination of card access and active directory group membership. This includes physical access to the core, individual rooms, ability to log into acquisition computers, accessing the calendar to reserve time on specific systems and membership in email distribution lists which are used for servicing information and communication amongst users.

Dalton IT will grant access only after approval is granted by the facility manager(s) and after system and facility training has been completed. Access forms may be found online or by visiting room 115.

Each system has an online calendar. Users are required to reserve time on the calendar before using any equipment. If a reserved time cannot be used, it is the user’s responsibility to delete the reservation from the calendar. A canceled reservation under 24 hours should be followed up with an email to the system distribution list alerting all users that a time slot has freed up. Failure to reserve time, honor times reserved, remove unused reservations or notify others of unused reservations will lead to a review of facility access and incur usage fees.


Once your protocol amendment and request for service form have been approved, scheduling will be through the online calendar at YOU MUST USE THE CALENDAR FOR EACH PIECE OF EQUIPMENT AND FOR EACH TIME IT IS TO BE USED.
*Note: If you need to delete your request, please be courteous to other users and remove your scheduled request as soon as possible.

Animal transfers and housing

Due to biosecurity concerns for your animals and that of others, all animal transfers from other animal facilities both into and from the core will have to be approved by an Office of Animal Resources (OAR) Veterinarian. The mechanism for this is the Animal Transfer Request Form (LINK) that will be submitted directly to OAR for approval of the transfer. If your animals will require overnight housing in the SAPC, please email Mark Baepler.

Animals can be ordered from approved vendors through eCompliance and delivered directly to the core. 

Mice will be housed in a barrier room. The cage capacity for mice is up to five per cage. 

Rats are housed by weight, generally two per cage.

Surgical suite

The SAPC surgical suite is in room 118 of the core. There are five workstations within the suite. You will need to bring your own surgical instruments, supplies and isoflurane. (Please make sure they are sterilized before bringing them into the core.)

Equipment provided within the suite:

  • Two traditional anesthesia vaporizers

  • Two Kent SomnoSuites

  • Surgical microscopes

  • Lights

  • Heating pads

  • Stereotaxic equipment

  • Scales

  • An autoclave in room 128

  • Refrigerator and freezer space

Supplies and housekeeping

The SAPC provides generic supplies such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies for use within the facility. Anesthesia machines, isoflurane, oxygen and heating pads will be provided for all imaging studies. The SAPC personnel will be responsible for maintaining a stock of these supplies. All other supplies are the principal investigators responsibility. Do not bring any equipment or supplies into the core that haven’t been sanitized or sterilized.

General housekeeping of the core is provided (trash, sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc.). Please clean up your work area and any equipment you’ve used, including anesthesia chambers.

Computer usage

All SAPC computers fall under MU workstation policies. Additionally, use of equipment for anything other than the specifically approved acquisition as outlined in facility training is prohibited (i.e., do NOT check email, browse the internet, stream video/music, etc.). Modification of systems beyond acquisition configuration as outlined in facility training is not allowed. If system updates, application installation or any other feature is required, the user must contact Dalton IT. Wireless internet is available for your own devices, but such devices also fall under MU workstation policies (even personal ones) and should be reviewed by Dalton IT before use in the facility. Laptops should be sanitized before and after use in the facility.

If a remote session is required with the vendor, you must work with Dalton IT before the scheduled event. Do NOT install remote management software on any MU system without contacting your department IT as it could pose both a security and legal risk to the network.

Do NOT log on for another user or physically leave a logged in system unlocked. Only individuals who have gone through or are actively receiving training and have been approved by the facility manager(s) may utilize systems.

Data management

All data acquired within the facility is under the responsibility of the user. Systems connected to the network with access to departmental servers, IT rented storage, OneDrive or Teams (via web interface only) are options for movement of data. For off-network systems, data must be copied onto USB 2.0/3.0 compatible external storage devices. Please ensure all external devices used are free of viruses and dedicated to the purpose of transferring acquisition data only. Do NOT use personal external storage or devices used for other purposes.

All data should be copied off at the end of each acquisition session and it is highly recommended that it be duplicated to yet another source as soon as possible to re-enforce data integrity. At the end of each session or a consecutive set of acquisitions within a narrow time frame, data must be deleted from the acquisition system. The SAPC is not responsible for failure to export data and will routinely purge data to ensure space for future acquisitions and proper functioning.

Post-acquisition analysis

Methods for post-acquisition analysis and review of data may require proprietary software, some of which must be performed on the actual acquisition system, restricted to specific systems set aside due to license restrictions and/or hardware requirements, rented temporarily or may be free to distribute. For exact details and planning, please contact the facility manager.

VEVO Lab (Ultrasound) has a designated analysis system housed at the SAPC as well as network-based licenses for dedicated remote analysis on a user’s own workstation. While reserving time on the in-house system is available to all current users, remote licenses require a fee rental in one-week increments.

Living Image (IVIS Optical Imaging) has a designated analysis system housed at Dalton available to reserve time on for all current users. (not yet set up*)

ExpeData (PromethION Metabolic telemetry) has a designated analysis system housed at Dalton available to reserve time on for all current users. (not yet set up**)

General Guidelines

  • Do not enter the core if you have been exposed to rodents with a D health status.

  • Wear a lab coat while in the core area and appropriate PPE in the animal rooms.

  • No food or drinks are allowed in the core.

  • Equipment may not enter or leave the core without prior approval.

  • Animal carcasses go in the freezer located in room 128.

  • Be courteous to other users and clean up the area where you have been working.

  • Dirty cages go in room 121, at the end of the hallway. Do not enter the room. Set dirty cages just inside the door.

Contact Information
Phone: 573-882-9482

Online scheduler:
Used to schedule equipment once your request has been approved.