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Advancing technology to commercial success

Submit timely IDFs

The road to commercial impact for your innovation begins with the timely submission of a signed Invention Disclosure Form (IDF). The office of Technology Advancement (TA) uses this IDF to evaluate protection and commercialization strategies for the innovation. Please talk to us before you make a public disclosure to maximize our ability to protect any novel discoveries you have made.

Provide technical feedback

You are the expert regarding your innovation. Your input will be critical at the initial evaluation of your technology, when gathering support for a patent application, when responding to communication from patent offices, when meeting with prospective licensees and collaborators to further their interests in the innovation, etc. TA needs your technical and scientific expertise to perfect and execute our strategies.

Participate in technology marketing

Inventors are the best marketers. There is no substitute for inventor participation in the marketing efforts to identify prospective licensees for their own innovations. A primary goal of TA is to identify a qualified entity to license and develop your innovation into a product that impacts the world.

Finding a licensee requires a collective, multipronged effort. After our office protects the innovation, we will engage in both passive and active marketing. You can assist by:

  • Telling your network of industry colleagues about your innovation.
  • Through public disclosures, such as attending professional meetings, giving talks, presenting posters, publishing manuscripts, attending networking sessions, etc.
  • Referring interested contacts to the Tech Advancement office.

Once initial interest is generated, your collaboration with TA will drive licensing and commercialization of your innovation.

Be a champion

Researchers listen to other researchers. Encourage your colleagues to engage with the Tech Advancement office so their research also can have a greater impact on the world. We appreciate your efforts to champion the cause of collaborating with TA to bring MU innovations to the marketplace.