Our levels of service

We offer two main levels of service: comprehensive and wraparound.

Pending capacity and when notified within 8 weeks of the deadline, we may also offer strategic guidance (consultation). Anything less than 8 weeks is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

All services are contingent upon availability of SPDS team members.



  • $1M per year or more
  • 16 weeks or more to deadline


  • $1M per year or more
  • 12 weeks or more to deadline


  • Under $1M per year
  • 8 weeks or more to deadline
All services are pending staff availability.

Service level details

 Consultation ComprehensiveWraparound
Initial Consultation
Meet with proposers to discuss needs and define roles, responsibilities and expectations.
Proposal Illustration
Graphic design consultation, creation or refinement.
Copy Editing
Review narrative for grammar, punctuation and formatting.
(one review)
Developmental Editing
Edit grant proposals and provide strategic guidance to meet sponsor requirements and improve proposal competitiveness. Includes copy editing.
(up to two reviews)
(up to three reviews)
Ancillary Document Review
Confirm that ancillary documents (e.g., facilities documents) comply with sponsor guidelines.
Budget Creation
Create budgets and budget justifications using data from researchers and subaward partners, if applicable. 
Liaise with Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA)
Communicate with and deliver documents to SPA for review and submission to sponsor. 
Customized Proposal Management
Provide proposal-related project management, meeting facilitation and team coordination.
Proposal Outline and Checklist
Create checklists of required components, narrative outlines and document templates.
Proposal Development Timeline
Work with proposers to set key milestones for the proposal development process.
Research Impacts Consultation
Connect with experts to develop/bolster research impacts activities and communication.
Program Officer Engagement
Guidance on how to maximize meetings with funding agency representatives.

X=included in service level

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