The goal of the Plant Transformation Core at the University of Missouri is to enhance both basic and applied research in plant biology by providing fee-based plant transformation services. Currently, much of the transformation activities of the facility are focused on maize and soybean, but transformation services for other species, including sorghum, switchgrass, brachypodium, tomato, and others are also available. The facility is well equipped for all aspects related to plant transformation, tissue culture, and plant growth. Depending on species, transformation protocols using agrobacterium and particle bombardment techniques are available. 

The facility has four professional staff with extensive experience in plant transformation, tissue culture, and greenhouse management. Our staff provides transformation services and recommendations about transformation-related aspects, including about preferred vectors and genotypes for each species, and provides regular updates on project progress.

Contact information 

For general information and project inquiry, please contact Dr. Madhusudhana Janga at

Felix B. Fritschi, Ph.D.
27 Agriculture Building

Madhusudhana Janga, Ph.D.
Assistant director
27 Agriculture Building

Directions to our facilities

We are located in 27 Agriculture Building, Columbia, MO 65201