News and Announcements

Unveiling Missouri dialects

Matthew Gordon used voice recordings of Missourians born as early as 1884 to study how our speech has changed since then.

The patent puzzle

In 2023, Mizzou received 16 U.S. patents for a variety of inventions. See which researchers successfully navigated the complex patent process in partnership with the Technology Advancement team. 

The power of iron

In “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,” Ron Mittler reveals how mitochondria in muscle cells fail to generate energy when one iron-sulfur protein is removed. His work could lead to treatments for Duchenne muscular dystrophy and age-related muscle deterioration. 

Augmenting discovery, art, imagination

In April, the Division of Research awarded the final round of 2023-24 Research Council grants for faculty projects and activities. See who received funding this academic year. 

Harnessing cancer’s nemesis

MU researcher Diana Gil Pagés and her team are weaponizing the immune system against cancer. Learn about their individualized health care approach, a welcome change for cancer patients exposed to conventional treatments.

Show Me Student Success

More than 500 students participated in Show Me Research Week where they learned valuable skills such as communication and professionalism.

Ready. Set. Compute.

The creation of computational-based simulations just became simpler for the university community with the integration of a newly adopted web portal called OnDemand. Now users can upload, download and access high-performance computing software from any device.

Hatching high-growth ventures

Mizzou researchers and alumni are working with the Missouri Innovation Center to cultivate and advance their startups.

Accelerating discoveries and fostering discoverers

NextGen Precision Health’s inaugural PATHWAYS symposium brings UM System researchers together to discuss their work and collaborations.

Pursuing the unreachable with technology

MU anthropologist applies remote sensing to study Amazonia’s isolated indigenous societies.