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Dr. Mark A. McIntosh

MU Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development

Welcome to the Office of Research and Economic Development at the University of Missouri!

Our office works to ensure that the University’s research and economic development missions are continually advanced by faculty and student discovery, innovation, entrepreneurship, and scholarship.

Our Research Division focuses on University’s research, instruction, and public service activities. It oversees compliance and export controls, facilities security, and resources related to human subjects and animal research. Our goal is to create a research-centered academic ecosystem — a network that fosters connections between MU research and all of the institution's other activities while creating a broader foundation for research support among internal and external stakeholders. The Research Division also actively promotes the value and outcomes of MU research and scholarship by direct public outreach via sophisticated, user-friendly print and digital communications.

MU Economic Development is dedicated to building strategic collaborations with business for the purpose of growing research and service contracts; enhancing internships and job placements; developing partnerships; exploring new funding opportunities; and accelerating the University’s entrepreneurship and commercialization activities. This office also oversees the offices of Sponsored Programs Administration and Technology Advancement.

One of MU's special attributes is its culture of interdisciplinary cooperation. The Office of Research and Economic Development contributes to this aspect of MU's intellectual culture by overseeing and supporting eight campus-wide interdisciplinary research centers.

Please feel free to contact me, or any member of my staff, to find out more about our strategic plans, our organizational structure, or the exciting research and scholarly activities ongoing at MU.

Mark McIntosh's Signature
Mark A. McIntosh, PhD
MU Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development

Last Updated: January 3, 2020