As the University of Missouri competes for faculty, staff, students, funding and donations, the strength of our brand is increasingly important. Below are guidelines for using the Division of Research, Innovation & Impact’s name and brand assets. Make sure to review additional guidelines on Mizzou’s Brand & Identity website and use resources on that site to create on‐brand content. Please email the research division communications team to request assistance.

Editorial style

  • Use Division of Research, Innovation & Impact on first reference. Thereafter, use the acronym RII, research division or division.
  • Make sure to include (RII) at the end of the division’s official name on first reference if you plan to make subsequent references: Division of Research, Innovation & Impact (RII). Adding (RII) is not necessary if you only mention the division once.
  • Use advanced technology core facilities on first reference when mentioning them as a group. Thereafter, use core facilities, research cores or cores.
  • When formal names include ampersands, retain them in headlines/titles. It is fine to replace them with “and” in body copy/main content.


MU’s identity is an integral part of our brand and is effectively the “face” of the university. It consists of:

  • Stacked MU logo paired with a unit/department name (referred to as a signature).
  • Mascot and tiger marks.
  • Primary and secondary colors.
  • Official stationery (business cards, letterhead, e‐letterhead and email signatures). 

Always use an official university logo (signature) on print and digital materials and on apparel, merchandise and promotional items. Signature examples:

Primary signature

MU logo with University of Missouri

Unit signature

MU logo with Research, Innovation & Impact

Secondary unit signature

MU with Technology Advancement

Do not re‐create any part of the signature, including the wordmark. We encourage you to “brand up” and use the University of Missouri primary signature when possible because it is more recognizable than individual department names, especially with students and external audiences. If communicating with faculty and staff, use the RII signature or the unit signature that is most recognizable to your audience. Signatures:

  • University of Missouri (download)
  • Research, Innovation & Impact (download)
  • NextGen Precision Health (download)
  • Other signatures, including core facilities (download)

When you are re‐ordering or replacing letterhead, envelopes, business cards, labels and signage, please use the following resources:

Download Research, Innovation & Impact e-letterhead. (All units within the division can use it.).


Download PowerPoint templates with the RII signature. MU’s Brand & Identity website also has a wealth of University of Missouri graphics, slides, flyers and other templates available for your use. Email the research division communications team for assistance with custom projects. 


Use MU’s email signature generator to ensure your email signature meets identity standards and content requirements.

Email signature example
Photo/video releases

No photo, video, audio recording or other multimedia projects may be published, posted online or shared publicly without the express written consent of all participants. Photography, video and audio release forms


MU thrives on collaborative partnerships. Successful co‐branding of these partnerships should always uphold the university’s identity and brand and recognize external partners appropriately. Use these guidelines to co‐brand your internal and external partnerships across different applications. Please email the research division communications team if you need co-branded logo signatures, graphics or materials.

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