Tech Advancement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Inventors should not disclose confidential or unpublished information with an outside researcher or entity without having a signed confidentiality agreement in place. These agreements are referred to as Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs) or Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDAs). Information disclosed to an outside entity without the protection of such agreements can compromise our ability to obtain patent protection for your innovations. The Office of Sponsored Programs Administration (OSPA) negotiates the terms of the NDA, obtains official signatures and secures approval from the University of Missouri Office of the General Counsel.

Outside parties interested in obtaining or sharing confidential information sometimes send agreements directly to MU investigators. Please forward these agreements as soon as possible to OSPA for processing and approval. Individual investigators cannot complete agreements, including NDAs, on the university's behalf. Only Chancellor-authorized signatories may execute these agreements.

To obtain an NDA or CDA, please email or call 573-882-0275.


Last Updated: February 1, 2019