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Housed in the College of Veterinary Medicine, the PET/CT Imaging Core is a crucial component and important tool in the effort to embrace science at the intersection of humans, animals and the ecosystem. The Core includes a combination positron tomography (PET) scanner and computed tomography (CT) – the PET/CT system – which improves accuracy and speed in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, vascular disorders and Lou Gehrig’s disease, among others. The equipment allows researchers, oncologists, neurologists, internal medicine specialists and surgeons to provide a new level of care to current patients. It also provides a powerful tool in current animal clinical trials, including cancer and neurology trials that ultimately leads to advancements in animals and humans.

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The Canon/Toshiba Celestion PET/CT system includes a 90cm wide CT bore and 70cm true-field of view for better access and positioning. Imalytics is a workstation that consists of a flexible modular system with standard and advanced tools for data and workflow management, image registration, segmentation, processing, visualization and processing quantitative measurements. The workstation is a component in the PET/CT suite. The “Pops and Tango McCosh” Radiation Isolation Suite is a step-down recovery unit designed to keep animals exposed to radiation separate from the rest of the Veterinary Health Center.

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July 2017

Vet Radiol Ultrasound
18F-FDG-PET/CT as adjunctive diagnostic modalities in canine fever of unknown origin
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September 2013

The Veterinary Journal
The future of imaging in veterinary oncology: Learning from human medicine
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