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Limited Submissions

Limited submissions are funding opportunities where the sponsor restricts the number of applications or nominations that a given institution may submit. The guidelines for these programs generally allow only one or two applications and always require the institution to determine which application will be submitted. For a list of current limited submission funding opportunities click the Funding Announcements link. New opportunities are generally added weekly. To receive notification when new opportunities are added please visit the Subscribe link to join the e-mail listserv.

The Office of Sponsored Programs Administration (OSPA) will oversee the applicant selection process for limited submission funding opportunities. When the sponsor of a limited submission funding opportunity is a private foundation, OSPA will collaborate with the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations to determine the applicant(s) that will proceed. The established procedures for the limited submission selection process ensure that the most competitive application will be put forward on behalf of the institution. If you are interested in being considered for one of these opportunities, please follow the Application Procedures link.

If individual faculty or staff become aware of limited submission opportunities that are not posted on the limited submission funding announcements page, they must immediately notify the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration by emailing ltdsub@missouri.edu. If time allows, the opportunity will be posted to the Funding Announcements and interested applicants are asked to follow the Applicant Procedures for final selection.

Application Procedures

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