Federal Demonstration Partnership and the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse

Logo image for Federal Demonstration Partnership

The University of Missouri – Columbia is a member institution in the Federal Demonstration Partnership and participates in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse.  The clearinghouse is a public website and user system that maintains organizational profiles of data and information (such as F&A Rate Agreements, Single Audit, PHS Financial Conflict of Interest, etc.) which has been certified to be correct by the organization’s authorized official. 

Participating organizations have agreed to review each other’s published profiles in lieu of sending or receiving individual subrecipient commitment forms containing information which is posted to their online profile.  This reduces the administrative paperwork burden between pass-through and subrecipient organizations.  Project specific information such as budget, statement of work, etc. will still be exchanged as appropriate. Please contact your OSPA Pre-Award Staff if you have any questions. 

Impact on MU Research Administrators:

If MU is the pass-through entity, search for the subrecipient organization’s profile by DUNS number or Name on the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse.  If the organization's information is available in the Clearinghouse, a one page simplified Letter of Intent is available for use.  If the organization’s profile is not listed, a Subrecipient Commitment Form is available for use.

If MU is the subrecipient, and the pass-through entity participates in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse, do not complete the pass-through entity’s Subrecipient Commitment Form, but remind the entity (sample language below) that we are both part of the Expanded Clearinghouse and request the pass-through entity to provide you their simplified one page Letter of Intent.  If the pass-through entity does not participate in the Clearinghouse, complete the entity’s Subrecipient Commitment Form.

Sample language to provide the other organization:  “I am writing to let you know that the University of Missouri-Columbia is a participant in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse. It is my understanding that your organization is also a participant. As a part of the Clearinghouse, our organizations have agreed that we will not send or require completion of subrecipient commitment forms, but will instead use our profile that is posted on-line at the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse site (https://fdpclearinghouse.org).”