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Hazardous Materials Worker Health and Safety Training (U45 Clinical Trials Not Allowed)

Limited Submission Announcement

PLEASE READ: Internal Procedures for Limited Submissions


National Institutes of Health

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A new applicant may request a budget for direct costs of up to $700,000 for the first year.

Campus Deadline:

First Come,
First Served

External Deadline(s):

Letter of Intent (not required): October 21, 2019
Application Deadline: November 21, 2019 | 5:00 p.m. CT


An institution (normally identified by having a unique DUNS number or NIH IPF number) can submit only one application; however, that institution may also participate as partner via a sub-award or associate program through applications submitted by other institutions.

NIEHS Worker Training Program (WTP) intends to support the development of model programs for the training and education of community workers engaged in activities related to hazardous materials and waste generation, removal, containment, transportation and emergency response. The major objective of this FOA is to prevent work-related harm by assisting in the training of workers in how best to protect themselves and their communities from exposure to hazardous materials encountered during hazardous waste operations, hazardous materials transportation, environmental restoration of contaminated facilities or chemical emergency response.  A variety of sites, such as those involved with chemical waste cleanup and remedial action and transportation-related chemical emergency response, may pose severe health and safety concerns to workers and the surrounding communities.  These sites are often characterized by the multiplicity of substances present, the presence of unknown substances, and the general uncontrolled condition of the site.  A major goal of this program is to provide assistance to organizations in developing their institutional competency to provide appropriate model training and education programs to hazardous materials and waste workers.


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