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Litwin IBD Pioneers Initiative

Limited Submission Announcement

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Crohn's & Colitis Foundation

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There is no fixed upper or lower limit of funding, but awards are generally not funded above $130,000 per year, including 10% indirect costs, for clinical studies (including studies involving clinical sample analysis); and above $110,000, including 10% indirect costs, for laboratory-based studies. Indirect costs cannot exceed 10% of total costs.

Campus Deadline:

First Come,
First Served

External Deadline(s):

Letter of Intent (Required):
November 5, 2019 | 4:00 p.m. CT
Full Proposal Deadline (by invitation only):
January 28th, 2020 | 4:00 p.m. CT


Only one proposal may be submitted for this award per submission date.

The objective of the Litwin IBD Pioneers Research Award is to help persons with inflammatory bowel diseases by supporting innovative, early-stage research that opens new avenues for diagnosis, therapy, and prevention of these diseases.  The program will consider funding clinical or translational IBD research projects that:

•   Are innovative;

•   Are in the early stages of exploration; and

•   Have the potential to improve diagnosis, therapy, management, or prevention of IBD and their complications.

Proposals must be clinically relevant and must have the potential to benefit patients with IBD.  The program is designed to support research that can be readily translated to improve the care of human IBD in the near future. Examples of projects include, but are not limited to clinical trials; observational clinical studies; biomarker identification; and evaluation of novel therapeutic modalities. Proposals related to translational science should have clear relevance to findings and observations in IBD patients. Proposals relating to investigation of basic disease mechanisms in animal models or in vitro systems are not typically prioritized under this mechanism; applicants may consider other Foundation programs, such as the Senior Research Award program, for such projects.



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