Veterinary Motion Analysis Lab Could Lead to Better Treatments for Small Animals, Orthopedic Procedures in Humans

Story posted: March 15, 2017

By: Jeff Sossamon

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Diagnosing and treating service dogs and companion animals with orthopedic injuries can be challenging for clinicians and owners. Often, observable limps or the occasional whine may be the only clues for veterinarians when assessing arthritis or soft tissue injuries in pets. Now, using cutting-edge technologies, veterinarians at the University of Missouri are revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of small animals with musculoskeletal injuries. The Motion Analysis Laboratory (MAL), which opened earlier this year at the MU Veterinary Health Center, is one of the most technologically advanced veterinary gait labs in the Midwest. Techniques and practices learned in the MAL also will help inform scientists and clinicians engaged in human studies.

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