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New MU Metagenomics Center to Make Important Research Process Cheaper, Faster

University of Missouri officials celebrate the opening of the MU Metagenomics Center, located at Discovery Ridge Research Park. The new center will serve as a comprehensive resource for microbiological research performed at Mizzou, other universities and private entities around the country.

Improving nursing home care has easy solution—hire advanced nurses

Nursing homes hoping to provide the best care to their residents need to budget for hiring advance practice registered nurses (APRNs) to work full time. Continued research from a team of nursing experts at the University of Missouri has resulted in significant evidence that APRNs have a positive effect on improving outcomes for nursing home residents.

New device could increase battery life of electronic devices by more than a hundred-fold

Among the chief complaints for smartphone, laptop and other battery-operated electronics users is that the battery life is too short and—in some cases—that the devices generate heat. Now, a group of physicists led by Deepak K. Singh, associate professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Missouri, has developed a device material that can address both issues. The team has applied for a patent for a magnetic material that employs a unique structure—a “honeycomb” lattice that exhibits distinctive electronic properties.

Air quality measurement tool could be beneficial for children’s health

VIDEO: Air quality measurement tool could be beneficial for children’s health

CALENDAR ITEM: MU hosts 34th annual Missouri Life Sciences Week

WHAT: The 34th annual Missouri Life Sciences Week is a university-wide event that brings together research across scientific disciplines at Mizzou. Organizers see it as a forum for ideas that highlights life sciences research performed by undergraduate, graduate, professional students, faculty and staff to celebrate excellence in science and foster collaboration.

Agriculture professionals face challenges, opportunities working with Amish and Mennonite communities

Research from the University of Missouri has found that agricultural professionals such as conservation agents, when working with Plain (Amish and conservative Mennonite) communities, face challenges as well as opportunities on issues relating to conservation and pollution. Through interviews with agricultural professionals and Amish farmers, researchers have identified several factors that are vital for improving coordination between the two. Relationship building and discussions between communities about conservation practices, as well as paying greater attention to differences between various Plain communities, can encourage greater and more effective participation in conservation efforts among Plain communities.

Public willing to pay to improve water quality, MU research finds

In the wake of the recent water crisis in Flint, Michigan, in which studies confirmed lead contamination in the city’s drinking supply, awareness of the importance of protecting watersheds has increased. User-financed ecosystem service programs can compensate landowners to voluntarily participate in environmental improvement efforts. Now, researchers from the University of Missouri have found in a nationwide survey that members of the public are more willing to pay for improved water quality than other ecosystem services such as flood control or protecting wildlife habitats.

CALENDAR ITEM: MU to host interactive expo on dinosaurs and cavemen

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