General process outline for NMR spectroscopy

  1. Contact us to discuss the feasibility of your project. If project is suitable for NMR trials, proceed as below. Suitability of sample for NMR depends on size of protein.
  2. Client completes Sample Information Form and an Authorization for Services and Payment Form.
  3. Client provides us with ~10 mg of pure protein sample, at a concentration of ~10 mg/ml, in low ionic strength buffer near neutral pH, for initial feasibility studies.
  4. Our personnel will transfer the sample to NMR tubes for NMR spectral test, and have the spectral data evaluated to determine suitability of protein for further NMR studies. Client must arrange for time & machine with MU Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
  5. If feasibility trials indicate your protein is a candidate for further NMR studies (structure, dynamics, molecular recognition, etc.), client should approach Dr. Steve Van Doren or MU Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to discuss the possibility of a formal collaboration. These collaborations are at the discretion of the above faculty, and would be expected to lead to joint publications and grant funding.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Kamal Singh at or 573-884-1281.

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