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The MCC has Reopened but with Some Restrictions in Place

The MCC has resumed operations, but to ensure the safety of clients and staff, has modified its procedures during this initial phase of reopening. In addition to requiring the use of gloves and face covers, the MCC will be limiting the total number of individuals present in the core to no more than 5 and will require all appointments to be made by phone or email (no walk-in appointments allowed). Recognizing the potential impact of these restrictions on the research endeavor, the MCC is offering to have staff members image client samples without charging an assistance fee (basic instrument usage rates will still apply). Clients utilizing this service will receive priority scheduling and will have the option of participating remotely in the imaging process via Zoom.

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Light Microscopy Image Contest winner 2019 

Announcing the New Polarizing Filter for the Leica M205 Stereoscope

Strongly reflective samples can pose substantial barriers to imaging with the stereoscope. Thanks to several generous donations, the MCC has recently acquired a polarizing filter for the Leica M205 stereoscope. This filter can reduce or even eliminate glare from highly reflective samples, providing new possibilities for evaluating and imaging structures previously obscured or even masked by reflected light.

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Our Equipment and services consist of confocal, super-resolution, digital light-sheet and widefield microscopes, laser capture microdissection, image analysis and processing and sample preparation. We also have an onsite Life Technolgies Supply Center stocked with fluorescent secondary antibodies and markers. Consumables for laser capture microdissection are also available. Clients can also special order without shipping fees. The MCC offers a file transfer system for clients to use for temporary file storage.

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The MCC is open from 8 AM - 5 PM, Monday through Friday, and is closed on University holidays.

Our Calendar provides an easy way to view available time slots. To make an appointment, please check for instrument availability on the calendars listed then call 882-4895 to make a reservation for the time and instrument you wish to use.

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We have sample images showing use of our equipment and the resulting image options.

Additionally, each year during Life Sciences Week, the Molecular Cytology Core sponsors a contest to select the best image taken in the core during the previous year. Attendees of Life Sciences Week have the chance to vote for one of the selected images displayed on the Molecular Cytology Core poster during the research poster sessions. Winners are announced at the luncheon for poster first authors at the conclusion of Life Sciences Week. Beginning in 2001, our winners' images have been posted.