Institutional Review Board

IRB Fees

The University of Missouri IRB charges fees to cover the costs associated with the IRB's review and related administrative responsibilities.

MU is not the IRB of Record

Reliance Study*

Description Fee
Administrative one-time review fee $1,500


MU is the IRB of Record

Single Site Study*

Description Fee
New Study Application $2,500
Annual Renewal $1,500

*MU must be engaged in the research. Waived for federal, state, nonprofit, and not-for-profit sponsors, and MU departmentally funded studies with no external contract/sponsoring entity.

*Applies to private, for profit, and industry sponsors.


Multi-Site Study sIRB Review

Description Protocol Review Fees* Relying Site Fees**
Initial Review $2,500 $1,400
Per Year Fees (includes annual update and 2 amendments) $2,500 $1,500
Additional Fees for multiple site-level amendments   $500

* For federally-funded studies, Protocol Review Fees are waived since MU will be a participating site. MU IRB will only serve as the IRB of record for studies where the University is engaged in the research.

** Sites which do not currently have AAHRPP accreditation will need to be approved by MU IRB and an additional fee will apply. Sites which are already participating in SMART IRB may be eligible for a discount.


The actual costs of the review are still incurred if subjects are never enrolled, the study closes before milestones are met, expenditures exceed revenue, or a contract is never finalized. When the IRB decides to table or disapprove a research protocol, no additional fee will be charged for reconsideration.

We ask that you include these fees as a line item in the budget of the formal contract as an upfront and non-refundable item.