Export Controls

Information for PIs

The Principal Investigator (PI) on a given project has the best understanding of his or her research and, therefore, is best suited for determining whether the particular technology, data, or information involved in that research is covered by export control regulations.

Therefore, the PI is responsible for doing the following:

  • The PI should carefully review the information on export controls provided on this web site. Additional training on export controls is provided by the Office of Export Controls and is available to PIs, their departments, and their departmental administrators.
  • Before beginning any research, the PI should determine whether any export control issues may be present in the project by asking the questions listed to the right.
  • If any such issues are identified, or if there are questions, the PI should contact Heather Little in the Office of Export Controls (573-884-9954 or exportcontrols@missouri.edu) for help in determining whether any export control restrictions may apply to the research..
  • After work on the project has begun, the PI should notify the Office of Sponsored Program Administration (882-7560) or the Office of Export Controls (573-884-9954 or exportcontrols@missouri.edu) prior to implementing any changes that may result in the application of export controls, such as a change in the scope of work or the addition of new staff to the project..
  • If any export control issues are identified at the contract or grant proposal stage by the staff in the Office of Research, the PI should cooperate fully to determine the application of export control regulations to the research.
  • If it is determined that export controls apply to the project, the PI must adhere strictly to any applicable restrictions and cooperate fully with the University's efforts to monitor compliance.

PIs, please note:

License applications require considerable time and effort, and processing can take months to complete. Please factor this into your overall plan.

These laws apply to all activities--not just sponsored projects!