Export Controls

Decision Tree

Do I need an export license?

These questions will help you find out!

Unsure as to whether you need an export license for your research project? The following pages will walk you through a series of "yes or no" questions, leading to a determination of whether or not an export control license is applicable to any particular situation. Remember that export controls may apply when an item, information or software is being sent outside U.S. borders, or when it is being shared with "foreign persons or entities" in the U.S.

The Decision Tree opens in a new browser window. A link at the top of the page will return you to the previous question.

The questions in this Decision Tree use terminology derived from the regulations of the US Departments of State, Commerce and Treasury. These questions ask about sharing or shipping any items, information or software. Violations of these export control regulations can lead to significant civil and criminal penalties.

  • ITEMS refers to any tangible things, equipment or hardware.
  • INFORMATION can include technical data such as models, formulae, engineering designs and specifications, or technical assistance such as training or instruction.
  • SOFTWARE refers to a collection of one or more computer programs or microprograms in either source code (programming statements) or object code (machine-readable instructions)

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