Conflict of Interest

Policy & Procedures

What is the University of Missouri's conflict of interest policy?

Conflict of Interest and Student Engagement in Faculty Enterprise:

Why does the University of Missouri have a conflict of interest policy?

As an academic institution, the University of Missouri has an obligation to assure that its scientific and clinical research is conducted pursuant to the highest standards of ethical conduct free from any improper external bias. At the same time, the University encourages scientific collaboration with industry and supports collaborative research and business geared towards economic development. External corporate relationships enrich research and teaching, expand career and research opportunities for students, and promote economic development by facilitating the commercialization of intellectual property through a variety of innovative mechanisms that benefit the public.

Inherent in these dual roles is the possibility for conflicts of interest. Situations can occur in which an independent observer might reasonably conclude that the potential for individual gain and/or improper advantage to others could influence the outcome of a research study. Even in the absence of an actual conflict of interest, such situations may require actions to minimize the appearance of a conflict. The University recognizes that many potential conflicts of interest do not constitute actual conflicts or may be acceptable with proper oversight and safeguards. The University of Missouri seeks to identify and manage these relationships to preserve transparency.

Do the conflict of interest policy and the campus procedures comply with federal regulations?

The University of Missouri Policy in the Collected Rules and Regulations and the University of Missouri- Columbia Campus Corresponding Procedures on Conflict of Interest Management are meant to comply with all laws and regulations regarding conflict of interest and are based on the standards set forth in the federal regulations governing research funded by the Public Health Service (PHS) (42 CFR Part 50 Subpart F, 45 C.F.R. Part 94), the National Science Foundation (NSF) (Grant Policy Manual 05-131.510), and all other organizations with policies on conflict of interest. The University of Missouri-Columbia Campus Corresponding Procedures proscribe how the University of Missouri- Columbia campus specifically will achieve the responsibilities mandated by federal regulation.