Conflict of Interest


The University of Missouri is committed to fostering an academic environment in which the University's teaching, research, service, and economic development missions are furthered. Participation in outside professional or commercial activities make important direct and indirect contributions to the strength and vitality of the University. Such activities add knowledge that is relevant and useful to teaching and research, develop sources of funding, and establish relationships valuable to the University. However, the pursuit of the University’s diverse missions can lead to inherent conflicts of interest. As a steward of public funds and public trust, the University of Missouri is committed to identifying activities that present the potential for conflicts and managing them to assure that they do not threaten the integrity of the University of Missouri’s students, staff, and faculty.

Did you know?

All employees of the University of Missouri are subject to the requirements within the Collected Rules and Regulations. It is the obligation of all University employees, regardless of position or length of employment, to self disclose any outside employment or business activities and interests that could interfere with the employee's regular duties or represent a conflict of interest (University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 330.015.D). All faculty and exempt staff have the additional requirement to disclose any consulting activities outside the university on an annual basis (University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 330.015.E). To disclose, go to and complete an Outside Interest Disclosure Form.