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Supply Center

The Supply Center offers a diversity of tissue culture, protein electrophoresis, antibody, and Western blotting products at a substantial savings to investigators. In addition to these discounts, shipping/handling/hazardous materials fees are typically waived. In-stock and special order items are available from ThermoFisher, Fisher Scientific, Sigma, Bio-Rad, Cell Signaling Technology, BioLegend, ATCC, USA Scientific, Signagen, and Leinco. Special orders are placed daily from these companies.

Tissue Culture

The CIC tissue culture lab provides a variety of essential services, such as the preparation of normal and tumor cells for in vivo and in vitro experiments, mycoplasma testing, and the revival and preparation of cell lines and hybridomas for long term storage in liquid nitrogen. Experiments are custom designed to meet the needs of the researcher, and new approaches and techniques are open for discussion and consideration. The CIC can also produce highly concentrated (0.5 to 1.5 mg/ml) monoclonal antibody preparations free of serum and circulating host immunoglobulins.

Flow Cytometry

The state-of-the art flow cytometry facility currently has four bench top flow cytometry analyzers (BD FACScan, BD FACSCalibur, BD LSRFortessa X-20, Beckman Coulter CyAn ADP) and one cell sorter (Beckman Coulter MoFlo XDP). These instruments are capable of detecting up to 17 parameters and 15 colors. The newest instrument, the BD LSRFortessa X-20, is equipped with 4 lasers, a sensitive forward scatter PMT detector suitable for the detection of microparticles, and a high throughput sampling station. The Beckman Coulter MoFlo XDP high-speed sorter is capable of detecting up to 7 colors and can sort at speeds up to 70, 000 events per second. This cell sorter is particularly useful for the isolation and purification of rare events. A wide diversity of flow cytometry applications are possible using the analyzers and cell sorter. More details about the instruments are available under the flow cytometry link.

Seahorse Analyzer

The Seahorse XFe96 analyzer simultaneously measures the two main pathways of cellular energy – oxygen consumption rate (mitochondrial respiration) and extracellular acidification rate (glycolysis). These measurements provide information about the altered mitochondrial function frequently observed during the aging process and in disease and pathological states. Experiments are carried out in a microplate format in rapid, real-time using label-free technology, and they can provide insight about energy demand and substrate availability. Assays can be performed with adherent cells, suspension cells, isolated mitochondria, C. elegans, zebrafish, and yeast. Four drug injection ports are available per well for the addition of inhibitors, stimulants, substrates, and compounds.