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Annual Report of Grants and Contracts

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MU Research: Outlook Points to Continued Progress

by Mark A. McIntosh
Interim Vice Chancellor for Research, Graduate Studies and Economic Development

MU’s research and development report for fiscal year 2016 indicates a continued positive outlook for the University. Of particular note is an 11 percent increase in federal expenditures for sponsored research. It’s a boost that, in part, reflects federal sponsors’ confidence that MU’s recruitment and retention of key faculty — and our recent investments in research infrastructure — will enhance our role in expanding America’s future progress and prosperity.

One such key addition is Lloyd Sumner, his research team and the instrumentation they’re using to develop a national center for metabolomics, the study of metabolites in cells. Others include Rich Ferrieri, Mike Schueller and their team recruited from Brookhaven National

Labs, a group whose expertise in radiological and chemical imaging promises important advances in both plant sciences and oncological studies.

Overall, total research expenditures in FY 2016 generated more than $248.3 million in research and development spending, a gain of close to $2 million over the previous fiscal year. Extramural research funding reached nearly $120 million, an increase of close to $5 million over FY2015’s totals.

Newly awarded dollars for sponsored research, meanwhile, most coming in the form of highly competitive grants from agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, also saw healthy increases over the previous fiscal year. In addition, the

University’s total new invention disclosures and patent applications filed — statistics that indicate the rate at which MU research findings are moving into the marketplace — both showed increases in FY16.

These data, along with many of this report’s other indicators, show that MU’s research enterprise remains exceedingly robust.

I am confident our report will also show that our scientific, scholarly and educational achievements, both today and for years to come, represent an indispensable asset to the citizens of Missouri, the nation and the world.

Externally Sponsored Grants & Contracts


During the previous fiscal year, MU scientists and scholars maintained high levels of sponsored research and instruction and public service support from a variety of external sponsors.

*Combined Research and IPS funding. Includes federal flow-through dollars.


FY 2016 Total Awards By Sponsor*

image of FY 2016 Total Awards By Sponsor pie chart

FY 2016 Total Expenditures By Sponsor*

image of FY 2016 Total Expenditures By Sponsor pie chart


Research and Development Expenditures

A comparison including data reported to the National Science Foundation

  FY 2012 FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2016
NSF Report 1 $239,810,000 $236,423,000 $237,266,000 $246,684,000 $248,300,000
Report on Research
and Public Service
$133,836,661 $133,140,330 $117,990,786 $115,264,355 $119,904,082

1 National Science Foundation expenditure data are calculated to include both internal and external funding for research. They exclude certain activities, such as clinical trials, in which an external entity specifies an experimental protocol. For more information, visit

2 Includes only externally-funded MU research activities.



Technology Management

MU’s Office of Technology Management and Industry Relations (OTMIR) works to create value for tomorrow by helping faculty to identify, assess, protect and market commercially viable intellectual property developed at the University.

Licensing Income from MU Inventions
Licensing Income from MU Inventions bar chart 
Active Options/Licenses
Active Options/Licenses bar chart  
New Invention Disclosures
New Invention Disclosures bar chart 
Applications Filed/Patents Issued
Applications Filed/Patents Issued bar chart 


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Graduate Degrees Conferred




in Sponsored Research Awards


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US Patents





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Funding Awarded


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Graduate Students





Sponsored Research and Development

Federal Expenditures, Awards Totals Point to Sustained Growth

Sponsored research expenditures at the University of Missouri increased by 4 percent in FY 2016, totaling just under $120 million. Dollars awarded saw even larger gains, rising from $118.5 million to $132.2 million, an increase of 11.5 percent.

As in previous years, expenditures generated from federal sources accounted for the bulk of sponsored research funding. Federal sponsored research expenditures came in at $101.8 million, a boost of more than $10 million over last year’s total.

Faculty scientists and scholars working in medicine, arts and science, agriculture, and engineering accounted for more than half of all sponsored-research expenditures. The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, at just over $34 million, retained its place as MU’s expenditure leader.


Total Sponsored Research Expenditures $119,904,082

image of Total Sponsored Research Expenditures $119,904,082 pie chart

Federal Research Awards, in millions
Federal Research Awards, in millions bar chart


Federal Research Expenditures, in millions
Federal Research Expenditures, in millions bar chart
Sponsored Research Division Expenditures, FY2016
College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources $34,067,460
School of Medicine $26,734,121
College of Arts & Science $18,653,158
College of Engineering $13,160,734
College of Veterinary Medicine $8,849,461
College of Education $5,234,249
Sinclair School of Nursing $4,848,485
Office of Research $3,463,520
School of Health Professions $1,772,340
College of Human Environmental Sciences $1,345,382
Truman School of Public Affairs $736,601
Office of the Provost $613,365
MU Extension $196,265
School of Journalism $166,996
MU Health Care (Hospital) $29,275
Trulaske School of Business $14,537
University of Missouri System $14,401
other $3,732
TOTALS $119,904,082


Instruction & Public Service

IPS Expenditure and Awards Totals Both Show Gains Over the Previous Fiscal Year

Instruction and Public Service expenditures totaled $76.6 million in FY 2016, a slight decrease from the previous fiscal year. Newly awarded IPS funds, meanwhile, declined against FY15’s near-record high of $102.8 million, falling to $76.1 million.

As in previous years, the federal government was the largest single sponsor of University instruction and public service activity in FY 2016, providing some 72 percent of total expenditures and more than half of newly awarded funds. MU Extension once again accounted for the largest share of externally funded IPS expenditures. The College of Education’s total of more than $11.5 million topped the college’s previous all-time high of $11.3 million.


Total Instruction & Public Service Expenditures $76,633,817

image of Total Instruction and Public Service Expenditures $76,633,817 pie chart

Federal IPS Awards, in millions
Federal IPS Awards bar graph


Federal IPS Expenditures, in millions
Federal IPS Expenditures bar graph
Instruction & Public Service Division Expenditures, FY2016
MU Extension $23,138,929
College of Education $11,528,251
School of Medicine $10,097,576
College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources $7,646,455
College of Human Environmental Sciences $4,537,169
Office of Research $4,313,557
College of Arts & Science $3,687,329
Office of the Provost $2,953,735
College of Engineering $2,367,070
Sinclair School of Nursing $1,186,033
Student Affairs $1,061,773
College of Veterinary Medicine $910,416
School of Health Professions $832,536
Truman School of Public Affairs $579,612
School of Journalism $519,502
MU Libraries $206,320
Trulaske School of Business $58,693
MU Health Care (Hospital) $56,620
other $952,241
TOTALS $76,633,817