Vice Chancellor for Research Seminar Series

Dr. Emil Hallin, Canadian Light Source

Emil HallinEmil Hallin

Canadian citizen
Born: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada in 1957

Current position: Director, Strategic Scientific Development, Canadian Light Source Inc. Plan and develop the scientific facilities for the light source, and develop user communities.

Research interest: Chirality in all its manifestations. That is, polarization, and the way in which some natural systems in fields from fundamental physics to the life sciences seem to prefer one polarization over the other.

Academic Background:
B.Sc. with Honours in Mathematics and Physics, 1979, University of British Columbia
M.Sc. in Experimental Nuclear Physics, 1981, University of Toronto
Ph.D. in Experimental Nuclear Physics, 1987, University of Toronto, “Search for metastable bound states of doubly negative atomic oxygen”

Employment Highlights, beginning as a Research Scientist at the Saskatchewan Accelerator Laboratory in October, 1985.
Helped to build and commission what was at the time the world’s highest energy continuous duty electron pulse stretcher ring. Used energy tagged photons from this facility to perform the world’s first high resolution measurement of the electric and magnetic polarizabilities of the proton. Designed, built and commissioned a high resolution electron scattering spectrometer for this facility. Was part of the team that designed the CLS and brought it to Saskatoon. Have led the development of all photon beam lines at the light source, from conceptual design through project funding, and built and commissioned the currently operating beam lines.