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About the National Academy of Inventors

Honoring Academic Invention

In universities and non-profit research institutes across the nation and around the world, great scientists, scholars and educators are teaching the next generation of researchers and inventors.

A researcher's contribution reaches the benchmark of inventorship as recognized by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office because its discovery had no significant prior art, was not obvious to someone else skilled in the field, and had a specific use. Although every invention and every inventor is unique, some things are common to all. It takes imagination and ingenuity to be an inventor.

The systematic application of organized knowledge and information can generate technology and produce creative solutions to existing problems. Inventors are the discoverers and creators of these solutions, and, as such, are key contributors to the advancement of technology. Protection of this intellectual property, through the patenting process, underpins the creation of new industries and employment.

Innovation, based on new inventions and technologies, has proven to be a key factor in the industrial and economic development of the world. The support, encouragement and development of technology and innovation are also fundamental to the success of a university.

The NAI serves a valuable role in the translation of science and technology within the university and non-profit research institute community, and for the benefit of society. For members, this organization can serve to encourage creative thinking and the spirit of innovation, promote and enhance the development and utilization of inventions, and provide advice and guidance to new and existing inventors in their work.

The NAI edits the international journal Technology and Innovation - Proceedings of the National Academy of Inventors®, published by Cognizant Communication Corporation.

Membership in the National Academy of Inventors® is available through local university and non-profit research institute chapters only. To join the NAI, an inventor must be affiliated with an Institutional Member and be a named inventor on one or more patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) -- MU is an Institutional Member of the NAI. In addition to regular "inventor" membership, honorary membership is recognized.

History of the NAI

The National Academy of Inventors® (NAI) was founded in 2010, in order to recognize investigators at universities and non-profit research institutes who translate their research findings into inventions that may benefit society.

The NAI currently has 41 Charter Member Institutions and more than 2,000 individual inventor members.

The NAI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Last Updated: May 27, 2020