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MU Ingenuity Grows Successful Ventures

VIDEO: iSocial virtual world empowers youth with autism.

VIDEO: Startup to test spinal muscular atrophy treatments.

VIDEO: Inventor James Cook shares his orthopaedic technologies.

VIDEO: Researcher Teresa Lever creates tools to detect vocal cord dysfunction.

VIDEO: Elemental Enzymes develops solutions for agriculture.

VIDEO: New software supports and improves patient care.


The Technology Advancement Office (TAO) partners with faculty, companies, entrepreneurs and investors to bring MU innovations and technologies to the marketplace, where research truly benefits society.

Technology Advancement is part of MU's Office of Research and Economic Development. We work at the interface of science, business and patent law in an area commonly called tech transfer — the process of moving university innovations to a commercial setting for further development and transformation into products, jobs and businesses.

For information about Mizzou innovation, access our 2018 report or download the pdf version.

What We Do

TAO professionals identify, assess, license and protect inventions resulting from MU's world-class research. They also create and facilitate pathways for the transfer of innovations to commercial partners.

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Typical Steps

  • Receive invention disclosure information from faculty and staff.
  • Evaluate inventions for novelty, utility and market potential.
  • Secure intellectual-property protection, such as patents.
  • Identify companies that have the expertise and resources necessary to bring an invention to market.
  • Negotiate licenses and other intellectual-property agreements with companies interested in further developing MU's research discoveries.
  • Manage reporting and compliance obligations for federal, state and industry research contracts.


MU Appoints Lorenzen to Leverage Faculty Research Innovations

Technology Management and Industry Relations has a new name that better reflects the office’s main charge at Mizzou.

The Office of Economic Development has a new leader charged with building a stronger entrepreneurial culture at MU.

Consequences for Real People — MBA student is essential part of physician-engineer team.

Growing faculty entrepreneurs is the aim of the university’s new fast-track express license.

Learn more about how Mizzou ideas become products from tech advancement expert Sam Bish.

MU’s pioneering iSocial curriculum and virtual world teach social skills to youth with autism.

Chris Lorson's research has led to a new Mizzou startup company that will continue working on new treatments for children with spinal muscular atrophy.

Randall Prather has produced pigs genetically resistant to deadly coronoviruses, a breakthrough that could improve animal health and reduce losses in livestock production

MU scientist George Smith is one of three winners of the Nobel Prize in chemistry

MU physical therapy and engineering innovators have unveiled ErgoSTM, a new soft tissue mobilization tool for physical and massage therapists, chiropractors and athletic trainers. Contact the Mizzou tech transfer office at 573-882-6013 or for licensing information.

Mizzou startup company ThermAvant International recently released Burnout, a new temperature-regulating travel mug similar to the company’s Lexo mug and guaranteed to quickly cool hot beverages to a drinkable temperature and keep it there for hours.

The University of Missouri is again on the list of "Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted U.S. Utility Patents" published annually by the National Academy of Inventors and the Intellectual Property Owners Association.

Deepak Singh, MU assistant professor of physics and astronomy, and his team invented a new device that could increase the battery life of cell phones and computers by more than a hundredfold. @MizzouOTMIR is helping patent the innovation.

Mizzou is excited to license gene technologies developed by Professor of Biochemistry Jay Thelen to Yield10 Bioscience to boost oil content in crops, offering more value for farmers and important for global food security.

Helping businesses succeed is one way MU Extension engages with Missourians. Learn more about Mizzou's plans to better serve the state.

MU researchers have created a portable, low-cost measurement tool that can measure air quality at child care centers.

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Last Updated: August 19, 2019