Now TAC provides chromosome counting services for cells of any mammalian species growing in a culture! [More Information]
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Transgenic Animal Core (TAC)

TAC Services
  • Chromosome counting
  • Generation of transgenic mice on FVB and c57Bl6 strains using client's DNA
  • Generation of transgenic rats on SD strain using client's DNA
  • Electroporation of KO and KI target constructs into ES cells and antibiotic selection of ES clones for recombinant event
  • Screening of ES clones for homologous recombinant via PCR
  • Blastocyst injection of ES cells and embryo transfer of micromanipulated embryos into recipient mice
  • Expansion of ES clones
  • Genotyping assays
  • Customized projects. If the above services do not cover your needs, please, contact TAC to find out if TAC can help you by providing our customized services.
  • Please complete the Upcoming TAC services survey!

Pronuclear Injection
Pronuclear Injection: Transgenic Mice and Rats

Chimeric Offspring
Embryonic Stem Cell Targeting
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