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MIZZOU TECH ROADSHOW: Aug. 8, 2017, Thompson Coburn, St. Louis

MIZZOU INNOVATOR MINI CONFERENCE: Oct. 12, 2017, Bond Life Sciences Center, MU campus

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MU Ingenuity Grows Successful Ventures

VIDEO: Elemental Enzymes develops solutions for agriculture.

VIDEO: New software supports and improves patient care.

VIDEO: MU partners with Genus to produce virus-resistant pigs.

VIDEO: Point-of-care test rapidly diagnoses bacterial infections.

Flourishing Mizzou startup company Nanova plans to employ 20 more people this year.

Mizzou is in the Milken Institute's top 25% for turning basic research into new technologies.

Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council signs agreement to commercialize high oleic soybean technology developed by MU and USDA researchers.

World-renowned MU geneticist and innovator James Birchler is SEC Professor of the Year.

MU appoints Brian Matlock to move engineering inventions to market.

New technique could revolutionize laser-based dermatological procedures.

Learn more about lab-grown meat, including fried chicken from Mizzou startup Memphis Meats.

Mizzou startup company Beyond Meat founder and CEO Ethan Brown featured on NPR.

MU researchers discover new link to fight billion-dollar threat to soybean production (patent pending).

New class of materials could revolutionize biomedical, alternative energy industries (patent pending).

Columbia-based health solutions company develops OBERD software system based on the work of former MU researcher Ali Hussam.

New TREND software analyzes series of images faster, cheaper and more accurately than ever before.

MU engineer Hongbin “Bill” Ma invents coffee tumbler that holds liquids at optimal temps for hours.


MU appoints Buntaine to move health sciences discoveries to market.

MU researcher Jerry Taylor, an international animal genetics leader with licensed and patented technologies, receives Distinguished Faculty Award.

Mosaics from the MU College of Arts and Science covers MU innovators and entrepreneurs.

MU Awards $500,000 in grants to accelerate biomedical discoveries from lab to market.

Tech billionaire Bill Gates backs Beyond Meat, a company that sells products created with Mizzou technology.

Chicken giant Tyson Foods buys a stake in vegan start-up Beyond Meat.

Organovo, the company that licensed MU 3-D bioprinting technology, announces the addition of Human Kidney Tissue to their product and service portfolio.


Older adults live independently longer when monitored by care team and technology.

MU researchers are taking sensor system from lab to marketplace.

Pigs that are resistant to incurable disease developed at MU.


Last Updated: April 26, 2017