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VIDEO: View a general overview of Mizzou Tech Transfer.

VIDEO: Professor Kattesh Katti uses gold nanoparticles in holistic medicine.

VIDEO: Inventor James Cook shares his orthopaedic technologies.

VIDEO: Researcher Teresa Lever creates tools to detect vocal cord dysfunction.

VIDEO: Elemental Enzymes develops solutions for agriculture.

VIDEO: New software supports and improves patient care.

VIDEO: MU partners with Genus to produce virus-resistant pigs.

VIDEO: Point-of-care test rapidly diagnoses bacterial infections.


The Office of Technology Management & Industry Relations (OTMIR) manages technology transfer functions at MU under the direction of the division of Research, Graduate Studies and Economic Development.

Technology transfer — often called “tech transfer” — is the process of moving university innovations to a commercial setting for further development and transformation into products, jobs and businesses.

In simple terms, the role of tech transfer at MU is to serve citizens and the public good by bringing university technologies and discoveries to the marketplace, where research truly benefits society. We do this in partnership with companies, entrepreneurs and investors.

For more information, watch a 3-minute overview and access our FY2016 annual report online or download the pdf version.

What We Do

OTMIR professionals identify, assess, license and protect inventions resulting from MU's world-class research. They also create and facilitate pathways for the transfer of innovations to commercial partners.

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Typical Steps

  • Receive invention disclosure information from faculty and staff.
  • Evaluate inventions for novelty, utility and market potential.
  • Secure intellectual-property protection, such as patents.
  • Identify companies that have the expertise and resources necessary to bring an invention to market.
  • Negotiate licenses and other intellectual-property agreements with companies interested in further developing MU's research discoveries.
  • Manage reporting and compliance obligations for federal, state and industry research contracts.


The MU Research Reactor is the nation’s sole supplier of the active ingredient in FDA-approved cancer therapy Lutathera®. This is the fourth radiopharmaceutical that MU has commercialized in partnership with private companies.

Beyond Meat has products available at more than 19,000 retail stores and restaurants nationwide — and it all started with technology from Mizzou.

iSocial, a classroom curriculum designed by MU researchers to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder cultivate better social skills, has been licensed by Nascent Stage Development LLC, a company that will develop it into an expansive, online virtual world for millions of families and educators worldwide.

MU researcher and top innovator James Cook doubles preservation time for transplant tissues. Learn more about his technologies in a 2-minute video.

MU receives $300,000 USDA grant for national bovine reproduction and genomics center that will promote technologies Mizzou animal sciences faculty have developed and are using every day.

MU bioengineering Professor Sheila Grant has been named a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI), the organization announced Dec. 12. Election to NAI Fellow status is the highest professional accolade bestowed soley to academic inventors.

Gene therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, developed by MU researcher Dongsheng Duan, has advanced to human clinical trials led by Solid Biosciences, the company that licensed the technology from Mizzou.

Influential millennial entrepreneurs from Mizzou’s College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources recently met with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Mizzou startup Modern Meadow recently debuted Zoa™ biofabricated leather grown in its New York laboratory.

On Nov. 3, the Mizzou Alumni Association honors 11 elite graduates and faculty members, including green nanotechnology innovator Kattesh Katti.

MU tech-transfer expert Chris Fender discusses patents, profits and faculty innovations in a Columbia Missourian story.

Mizzou awards five Coulter grants to engineers and medical clinicians to bring innovations to patients.

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Last Updated: February 9, 2018