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National Forest Foundation


On-the-Ground Programs: Matching Awards Program (MAP)

Campus Deadline:


External Deadline:

January 24, 2018 l 12:59 a.m. CST

Web Address:


Funding Amount:

Typical Awards (2017):
Average Request: $25,828
Median Request: $24,850
Average Award: $25,032
Median Award: $24,500


Organizations may have only one MAP award open at a time and should submit no more than one application per round.

MAP requires a 1:1 cash match of secured nonfederal funds. In-kind contributions are not eligible for use as match but should be documented to show project leverage.

The National Forest Foundation (NFF) Matching Awards Program (MAP) provides funding for results-oriented on-the-ground projects that enhance forest health and outdoor experiences on National Forests and Grasslands.

MAP supports the implementation of on-the-ground conservation and restoration projects that have an immediate, quantifiable impact on the National Forest System. These projects provide a lasting impact to the lands, waters, and wildlife of the National Forest System through the alteration of the physical environment.

The current NFF strategic plan focuses on the Program Areas of Outdoor Experiences and Forest Health. Organizations may self-select into one of the Program Areas defined below, or choose to submit a proposal that cohesively integrates the two Program Areas. Projects that strongly integrate the program areas are highly encouraged. The NFF does not have funding targets for the Program Areas, and strongly encourages applicants to integrate the programs areas cohesively in their proposals.

Contact the MU Office of Foundation Relations before contacting the foundation directly.

Post Date: 12/04/17