Sponsored Programs Administration

Application Procedures

Selection for limited submission funding applicants is competitive. Those wishing to submit to a limited submission funding opportunity must comply with the following instructions: 

  1. Read the sponsor's guidelines and consider what the most important review criteria will be. Draft a letter of intent of three pages or less, including the following:
    1. A description of your proposed project, focusing on the most important review criteria including objectives, methods, and outcomes,
    2. An estimate as to the budget request,
    3. The anticipated amounts and sources of cost match commitments (if there will be cost match commitments), and
    4. The names of three MU personnel who would be qualified to review your letter of intent for this funding opportunity.
    5. If you were selected as one of MU’s applicants for this opportunity in the past, and your submission to the sponsor was unfunded, please include a response statement indicating how the revised proposal addresses any sponsor reviewer feedback or suggestions.
  2. Submit your LOI to ltdsub@missouri.edu by the internal deadline posted on the announcements page. Please include the name of the funding opportunity from the announcements page in the subject line or body of your email.
  3. If the number of LOI’s received for a posted funding opportunity does not exceed the sponsor's limit, a competition will not be required. In those cases, the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration will notify you when your proposal is cleared to proceed. Note that proposals to private foundations may require review from the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations prior to the issuance of a clear to proceed.
  4. If the number of letters of intent received exceeds the sponsor's limit, the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration will solicit faculty reviewers to serve on the review panel. If the sponsor is a private foundation, the review panel will include a representative of the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations. The reviewers will consider the sponsor guidelines and the content of the letters of intent and rank the letters in the order of likelihood to be funded according to the sponsor's guidelines. The reviews/rankings represent recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Research. You will be notified of the results of the review as soon as the process is completed.
  5. If your proposal is selected to proceed, please be aware of the following caveats:
    1. Selection does not imply any cost match commitments.
    2. Normal processing procedures by your department and division and the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration apply.
    3. If for some reason you decide not to proceed with a proposal, you should notify the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration (ltdsub@missouri.edu) as soon as possible so that an alternate application can be approved.
  6. If the internal deadline passes and all of the sponsor's allowed slots have not been filled, additional applications will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration (ltdsub@missouri.edu) if the internal deadline has passed and you are interested in submitting an application.
  7. If the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration is alerted to a limited submission opportunity without enough time (e.g. one week prior to external sponsors deadline) to announce or administer the above procedures, selection will defer to the first applicant with expressed interest as our first-come, first-served basis dictates.
Last Updated: April 3, 2019