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Programs to Increase Diversity Among Individuals Engaged in Health-Related Research (PRIDE) (R25 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

Limited Submission Announcement

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National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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Direct costs for each Summer Institute (SI) program may be up to $320,000 per year for each of the five years. Direct costs for the mentee small research project (SRP) component may be up to $115,000 per year for each of the four years allowed. Total direct costs for the SI Program plus the SRP component may not exceed $435,000 per year for years 1-4. Total direct costs for the SI program may not exceed $320,000 in Year 5 and should not include an SRP component. F&A is limited to 8% of direct costs.

Campus Deadline:


External Deadline(s):

Letter of Intent (Not Required): March 6, 2018
Full Application: April 6, 2018 l 5:00 p.m. CT 


Only one Summer Institute (SI) application per institution will be funded per DUNS number.

The NIH Research Education Program (R25) supports research education activities in the mission areas of the NIH. The overarching goal of this National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) R25 program is to support mentoring and research education activities that enhance the diversity of the biomedical, behavioral and clinical research workforce. The major goal of this R25 program is to establish long-term mentoring that will enable junior faculty who are underrepresented in the biomedical sciences as defined by NOT-OD-18-122, to develop a research program and obtain NIH funding. This FOA specifically invites applications from senior faculty, established researchers, and experienced mentors to develop and direct the Summer Institutes of the Programs to Increase Diversity Among Individuals Engaged in Health-Related Research (PRIDE) program in order to mentor promising eligible junior faculty who have specific scientific interests in heart, lung, blood and sleep (HLBS) disorders research.

To accomplish the stated overarching goal, this FOA will support creative educational activities with a primary focus on Research Experiences and Mentoring Activities.

Success of the PRIDE Summer Institute program will be evaluated using the following metrics: aggregate number and demographic characteristics of participants; career progress of participants, including participation in independent research, employment and promotion in a research or research-related field; authorship of scientific publications in a STEM field; and independent research grant support from NIH or another source subsequent to participation in the PRIDE Summer Institute program.


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